21125549_10213018023180504_1632221586862882033_oOne would think, after writing a bio for EVERY class in college as the first assignment, these would get easier to write. Ha. Hasn’t happened yet.

I’ve always been interested in the creation of characters and the stories for those characters. That is why for college I major in Video Game Art and Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. My dream in the beginning was to make characters with complete and detailed stories as epic as any Square game, but alas, some things are not meant to be.

I spent a great deal of college creating and then shelving characters never to be seen again. As each one was special and dear to me, every time I did so, it hurt. It was like losing a friend. Call me crazy, but I didn’t want to just let go of the imaginary people I created.

Writing the first book from a modified class character was a very long and scary process. It was also exhilarating. The support of my friends and family meant so much in those early days, and still do now as I continue to pound at a keyboard. As such acts would do I had an epiphany, that maybe I wasn’t creating in the right field of artistry.

I found out something I never knew about myself. I loved to write. Love to write so much that once that first book was done, several other characters introduced themselves and asked to tell me their story. Who was I to refuse?

I write everyday, at least two thousand words, not because of a deadline, or because I’m required to, but because I love to. The words on the page are the same as air. I also work full time, take care of family, and in spare time I read everything I can by my favorite authors, by new authors, by indies (for which I have an affinity). And, I have never been happier.

There are good things at the end of the rainbow. No one ever said getting there would be easy.